Have You Tried the Kids’ Menu at Windy City Pizza, in Breckenridge, CO?

How long has it been since you last planned a night out without worrying that the restaurant may not have a kids’ menu as Windy City Pizza does? When you have children, you no longer check the restaurant menu for yourself but for the little ones: you need to make sure they can have something healthy and to their taste.


They can now enjoy a delicious kids’ menu at Windy City Pizza, and you will enjoy the time spent with them. We’ve developed this menu with your needs and your children’s taste in mind. It looks incredible, tastes like magic, and it is served in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere loved by children and adults alike. 

You Cannot Go Wrong with Our Healthy Kids’ Menu!

At Windy City Pizza, we know that you want a healthy kids’ menu that will not give your little one tummy aches or cause them to gain weight. To cater to your needs, we provide several options, using only fresh and healthy ingredients, from carefully chosen suppliers. 

We prepare them following old but tested recipes, and we serve them in the most creative and fun ways possible. And if your child has a hard time choosing the best kids’ menu for them, do not panic. Our waiters love talking to kids, answering questions, and inspiring healthy decisions. 

Besides a welcoming atmosphere and healthy kids’ menu options, our goal is to provide relaxation and peace of mind. We treasure and wish to reward your efforts of being a good parent, even if it means letting you savor your coffee or glass of wine while the little ones play around or explore the surroundings, or giving you the possibility to order in when you don’t feel like cooking. 

Which Are Your Favorite Kids’ Menu Items?

Have you discovered which are your children’s favorite kids’ menu items? Have you decided to accompany their healthy meal with a decadent dessert? Don’t let anything stop you! Visit our location in Breckenridge or call us at (970) 453-5570. We offer kids’ meal delivery, and we promise to honor your order within the shortest time!

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